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Passion Fruit™ made it’s first debut at the National Stationary Show on May 15, 2016.  Homegrown in the USA, Passion Fruit™ is a company created with Caribbean flare.


Ever wonder how Santa got around in the islands where there are donkeys, but no reindeer? Or how mothers know when their once little girls are now expecting their own little one? Here at Passion Fruit™ we are proud of our designs, as all have been hand drawn, giving us unique and personally inspired imagery.


Our Name?


The passion fruit is a species of the passion flower. It's smooth, yet seedy interior is used in juicing and also to enhance the flavor in food. Diana’s passion is creating a product that highlights cultural idioms in a way that we can all relate: greeting cards; the “fruit” of her passion!!! And that's how Passion Fruit™ was born!


About Our CEO Diana:


Diana was born on the beautiful island of Dominica, the Nature Isle. Dominica is home to 365 rivers. At the age of 8, her family migrated to St. Thomas, the capital of the U.S. Virgin Islands. Diana grew up in paradise and the mission of our company is creating Cards with Culture.

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