Frequently asked questions

Are all your cards hand drawn?

Yes, all of our cards are indeed hand drawn, original artwork. Our cards are currently drawn by two different artist.

Will there be more cards?

Passion Fruit is constantly coming up with creative ideas on new cards, so there will definitly be more cards in the near future. We've started our line of cards showcasing the Caribbean Culture ( our CEO is from Dominica, raised in St. Thomas). Our future goal is to venture and showcase all cultures.

Do you have other products?

Currently we only have greeting cards but as we evolve we will be adding other stationary items and who knows what else.

What's different about your cards?

The first thing you will notice about our cards are the vibrant colors. All of our cards tell a story through hand-drawn original artwork. The story begins with a picture at the front of the card and is continued with a picture on the inside right of the card. The card is then summed up with a few words on the inside right. This has never been done in a greeting card before. We are bringing that personal feel back to greeting cards. What story will Passion Fruit tell next?

How did you come up with Passion Fruit?

Our CEO has always had a love for greeting cards. About 7 years ago (2011) she was in the store looking for a card for her ex-boyfriend, she found a card but something was missing. She didn't get that personal feel which she was looking for. They were both from the Caribbean so she wanted a card which depicted their culture. She searched for a card with those specifics and when she came up empty, Passion Fruit was born. A download straight from God.

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